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To say that Azerbaijan has a long history of winemaking is an understatement: Archaeological evidence indicates that wine has been produced in the lands that make up the modern state for around 3,000 years, and the Ancient Greek geographer and historian Herodotus noted as early as the 7th century B.C. that the area was known for its wines.
SMEs in Azerbaijan are an important source of employment, but their full potential remains untapped. In 2020, Azerbaijan’s SMEs generated 42% of total employment but contributed to only 17% of value added (24% in the non-oil sector).
Agriculture is a standard occupation for those who live in rural areas or own farmland. Many people choose animal husbandry because it’s a fairly profitable business.
A favourable climate and pristine nature go a long way to develop poultry farms in Azerbaijan’s north-western Shamkir region.
A highly skilled tailor and craftswoman, an inspiring teacher and motivator, a businesswoman and entrepreneur — or perhaps more accurately a ‘social entrepreneur’… Mirvari Azizova is all of these things at once in addition to being the mother of two daughters and a change-maker in her local community.

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