Going digital: Curtain producer finds success by optimizing CRM and task management

Going digital: Curtain producer finds success by optimizing CRM and task management

Success is sometimes not just a matter of good business plans and high-quality products.

In the modern world, company owners and directors need to understand the digital world and pay more attention to the latest options for promoting products online.

And a curtain producer from Azerbaijan found a way to do just that via the EU4Business and the EBRD project.

Look behind the curtain

Any interior – whether a home, office or hotel – has to have curtains – no room with windows is complete without them. So as a business, curtain production is still a promising niche – and lucrative. Still, it’s crucial to give potential buyers the chance to choose exactly the curtains they want, so businesses have to offer a wide range of options.

Even though it was only established in 2017, Azerbaijani company Sarvagelli Racablini is already a well-known and highly reputable company in the market of curtain production and sales. The company provides curtains, various types of blinds such as, Roller, Vertical, Venetian, Sheer Privacy blinds, Velux, Corded, hand drawn tracks, traditional curtain poles or integrated tracks within poles, for individuals and corporate clients.

The company imports premium materials from Turkey, which meet the highest environmental standards. Sarvagelli has exclusive contracts with four Turkish companies, which means that the companies agreed to do business only with one company in Azerbaijan in this area.

Sarvagelli Racablini has attracted a large number of corporate and individual clients by offering a wide variety of products and services to its customers, and today it boasts the country's most prestigious projects in the curtain industry. The curtain manufacturer, whose products are in high demand in the market, has a wide-scale network of partners and customers, and has sold its products to large-scale projects run by internationally-famous hotel and restaurant chains operating in Azerbaijan.

In addition, Sarvagelli Racablini has been offering various services in the decoration industry since it was founded.

The company says it offers design, creativity and quality. Building inspired home spaces is key. It doesn’t matter what the focus is, what kind of services are offered: clients are always of prime importance to the company. Satisfied customers allow the company to grow, and they provide feedback and inspire Sarvagelli Racablini to create new concepts. Taking this into consideration, Sarvagelli decided to use digital tools to develop its Customer Relationship Management, or CRM.

CRM for small businesses

Digital CRM can automatically segment customers and sales leads based on buyer personas – models of likely customers. The probability of sales can also be automatically computed, and some CRMs can even assign sales leads to sales representatives.

Cold leads are sent back to marketing for more nurturing, while hot leads head straight to a sales representative.

Sarvagelli Racablini acquired such a system in 2021, with support from the European Union under its EU4Business Initiative, and the EBRD’s Advice for Small Businesses programme, which provided consultancy services for a website and marketing strategy to the company and created for it a localized search engine optimization, CRM and Task Management system.

"When we applied, the marketing project offered to us was an expensive one, and we did not have the financial means to meet it,” says Ilkin Rajabov, the director of the company. “However, the EU and EBRD offered to pay half of the cost of the marketing project, and we thought it was a great chance for us.”

The company now has a well-organized and structured website helping to provide detailed information about its products and services, which include beautifully designed curtains, various types of blind systems with rich colours in eye-catching styles, floor coverings, bathroom sets, bed covers and other products for individual and corporate customers.

As for the future, the company has big plans. Saarvagelli Racablini intends to expand its business by increasing its range of goods and sales markets, all the while maintaining a high level of product quality.

In addition, the company plans to boost production capacity so that their products adorn more and more houses and offices.

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